Aggiornamenti prodotti Weintek


Weintek ha comunicato una serie di importanti novità e aggiornamenti, alla gamma prodotti attuale, che andranno gradualmente a concretizzarsi nei prossimi mesi. Nuovo pannello operatore MT8072iP Si tratta di un aggiornamento funzionale del consolidato MT8071iP. Il nuovo modello mantiene la totale compatibilità con il codice MT8071iP, ma introduce alcune importanti novità in termini di potenza … Continued

New version LogicLab


We have released the new version of LogicLab (based on LLab Axel Rel. The new version implements important functions that will facilitate the development of your applications and make the use of our PLCs even more convenient. New Features List below the main new features available in the new version. For a complete list ... Continued

SlimLine - New environmentally friendly packaging


Defending the environment with new environmentally friendly packaging We have changed the packaging of the SlimLine series PLCs . The devices in the series are now packaged in recyclable and biodegradable boxes, made entirely of cardboard, branded and more compact in size. Benefits for Customers Facilitated Recycling Thanks to the use of a single material, sorting is easier. Reduction of ... Continued

Weincloud - Cloud monitoring platform


    In the face of pandemic-induced changes in the business world, Enterprises have an urgent need to accelerate digital transformation. Even in light of Plan 4.0 introduced by many countries, including Italy, cloud integration plays a key role, but its technical and cost barriers have often prevented ... Continued

Backup-Restore functionality on controllers SlimLine


The PLCs of the SlimLine series are now equipped with Backup-Restore functionality. Starting from Firmware release SFW198E000 (included in the PCK051B000 distribution) all SlimLine CPUs based on Cortex M7 processors will be equipped with Backup-Restore functionality. This feature facilitates maintenance of the installed devices by less experienced personnel and/or those who are not familiar with the ... Continued

SensDesk vs HWg-cloud


The usage policy of the HWg SensDesk cloud portal has changed. The portal dedicated to the publication of data collected by HWg SensDesk sensors was until now available in two versions: SensDesk Free - Free, but with a limit of 3 connectable devices per account and 90 days of data history SensDesk PRO - Licence ... Continued

Playlist Tips and Tricks


A new playlist has been created on our YouTube channel: Tips and Tricks. What will it be about? This playlist is designed to collect short videos about tips and tricks, which are useful for programming, configuring and using our products. You can find the playlist at this link.

Elsist Stories: Universal Automatic School Bell Programmer

Elsist Stories

Caratteristiche funzionali Il sistema è composto da un quadro elettrico che contiene al suo interno tutte le apparecchiature: la centralina di comando, l’alimentatore in bassissima tensione di sicurezza e il gruppo batterie per l’alimentazione d’emergenza in caso di black-out. Il sistema provvede autonomamente al comando delle campanelle all’orario prestabilito, ma uno o più pulsanti opzionali … Continued

New pages and new firmware, speed and debugging features


New pages and new firmware... on our website in the downloads section is available an update for the following CPU codes: MPS054***0, MPS056***0, PCB137***0, PCB141***0. This update includes several improvements, but let's see them in order. Web pages First of all it is necessary to specify that with this update the pages do not exchange data with the PLC anymore ... Continued

Industry 4.0


What is Industry 4.0 The term Industry 4.0 (or Industry 4.0) indicates a trend in industrial automation that integrates new production technologies to improve working conditions and increase productivity and production quality of plants. It takes its name from the German government's industrial plan, presented in 2011 and implemented at the end of 2013, ... Continued