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PLC series SlimLine

From 79.20€

SlimLine is a family of modular programmable controllers (PLCs) engineered in containers extremely compact and suitable for DIN rail mounting EN60715. CPUs of the family SlimLine use powerful processors and are programmable according to the standard IEC61131-3 through LogicLab and/or CODESYSboth completely free programming tools.

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PLC series Netsyst

Netsyst is a family of modular programmable controllers engineered in DIN 43880 enclosures suitable for DIN rail mounting EN50022. All the products in the NETSYST line have in common their expandability via an I2C type bus Netsyst .

Icon - Operator Terminals

Operator Terminals

This section illustrates the operator terminals and HMI devices handled by our Company.


Interface converters

In this section are listed the interface conversion devices marketed by our Company. We are able to supply devices for conversion from RS232 to RS422/485, from USB to RS232/422/485, from Ethernet to RS232/422/485, from Fiber to RS232/422/485 and so on.

Icon - Remote I/O

Remote I/O

Devices for remote I/O acquisition (via serial RS422/485, Ethernet, WiFi etc.).

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Data Comm

In this section are presented the communication devices available from our Company. The offer includes modems for switched line (PSTN), GSM/GPRS/UMTS modems/routers, Radiomodems and Wireless LAN systems.

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Monitoring Solutions

This section presents the monitoring solutions we offer.
These are typically products able to monitor physical quantities (temperature, humidity, voltages, currents, logical states) and make them available remotely over the network (IP wired/wireless, GSM, wireless) and/or send alarm messages in case of deviation.

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Access control solutions

This section presents the access control solutions we offer. We are able to provide solutions for both personal identification and actual access control.

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Industrial Networking

These devices are manufactured by ORing Taiwan and imported and distributed by our Company in Italy. Among the devices that can be supplied are: Industrial Ethernet Switches, Industrial Wireless Solutions, USB Server, Interface Converters, etc..

Icon - Power Supplies

Power Supplies

In this page are listed the power supplies supplied by our Company.

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OEM products

Our company supplies a range of semi-finished products for OEM applications. The products described in this section are dedicated to those manufacturers who need to develop products cut to specific needs and/or with particularly low costs. This page lists the power supplies supplied by our Company.

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Accessory products that complete the range of our offer: Pre-wired cables, adapters, power supplies, etc..

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Technical support

We support our customers in several ways including: Forums, Knowledge, Phone (+39 0142 451987) and others...

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