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Passion for electronics since 1983

We can offer a wide range of automation and control solutions:
CPUs, I/O modules, operator panels, monitoring systems, and data communication devices (cellular, radio, WiFi, etc.).

SlimLine Programmable Controllers IEC61131-3

SlimLine is a family of modular programmable controllers (PLC) engineered in extremely compact enclosures and suitable for DIN rail mounting EN60715.


With our OEM boards you can create your own customised control system, reducing your time to market and keeping costs low thanks to the wide variety of CPU and I/O boards.

Pc and HMI Panel

Devices dedicated to the interface with the operator, alphanumeric and graphic terminals with Touchscreen, with serial and/or ethernet interface.

A large number of communication protocols and most PLCs in the market are supported.

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We can offer a wide range of automation and control solutions: CPU, I/O modules, IP monitoring products, and data communication systems (mobile, radio, WiFi, etc.).

If you need help with your application development we have a dedicated support portal.

In case you do not find the answers to your questions, remember that you can still purchase a support package and receive remote assistance.

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Disconnected device warning

Device alert disconnected from HWg-Cloud - Reliable long-term monitoring system


A remote monitoring device is useful when it is working. There may be a power outage at the remote site or a connection error, which means that alerts will not be sent. To alert you in such cases, all portals (including even the free HWg-cloud.com service) can alert you when the remote monitoring device is disconnected. HW ... Read more

Sensor values in the mobile app

APP HWg Monitor - Use in the local network


HWg Monitor is a mobile application for iOS and Android that works both locally and with technology portals SensDesk, displaying current sensor values, DI (digital inputs) and DO (relay outputs) status. In this article we want to show you how to use HWg Monitor in a local network scenario. The HWg Monitor application allows the user to ... read more

Scenario - SMS-GW3 Global

SMS-GW as part of the Ecosystem Monitoring HW group


The SMS-GW3 Gateway can not only be useful in large monitoring projects with dozens of devices and perhaps hundreds of sensors, but in all cases where people simply prefer to receive an SMS or phone call from the monitoring device instead of an e-mail. We do not want to judge this kind of approach. We simply ... read more

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