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Screen - Toolly

Utility tools for Elsist controllers

Toolly is a set of utilities, free in a Windows™ environment designed for use predominantly with the controllers of the SlimLine and Netlog III, but not limited to, including utility and system diagnostic functions.

The tool can be installed on a PC under Windows™ (Version 7 or later).

Functions and utilities

List of functions in the "Utilities".


Serial Terminal (RS232), TCP-IP(Client/Server) or UDP(Client/Server) emulation (configurable).

Toolly - Utility Terminal

Modbus Master

Allows connection to Modbus servers in serial or Ethernet TCP/UDP.

Toolly - Modbus master utility


Redirects data from one device to another. Serial or TCP-IP(Client/Server) devices are supported.
It is possible, for example, to make a device with only a COM port accessible from the Internet.

Toolly - X-Connect Utility


Performs checksum value calculation according to different standards.

Toolly - Utility Checksum

Network Interfaces

Performs configuration display of all network interfaces on the PC.

Toolly - Utility Network interfaces

Diagnostic functions

List of functions in the "Devices"

Discoverer (from version 3.1)

Especially useful for locating Elsist devices connected to the network and changing their settings without using serial ports.

Toolly - Discoverer

CPU Catch

Performs "capture" of CPU modules from serial port to be used when the module can no longer be reached from Ethernet.

Toolly - CPU Catch

Firmware updater

Performs firmware update of CPU modules from serial port.
Many CPU modules allow firmware update directly from Ethernet connection, but the use of this utility allows firmware update in emergency conditions, in case the module cannot be reached.

Toolly - Firmware Updater

Bootloader Updater

Performs the update of the bootloader On CPU modules from serial line (ARM7 processor-based modules only).

Toolly - Bootloader Updater

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