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LogicLab allows an unlimited number of libraries to be included in the project. We have created ones for a variety of uses, ready for you, many of which are completely free.

What are libraries ?

Libraries are sets of Functions (F) and Function Blocks (FB) dedicated to specific purposes.

These objects are very useful in solving problems faced in application development. During program development it is very convenient, fast and reliable to use the dedicated Function or Function Block reducing risks of non-functionality.

The availability of libraries with a vast number of functions and function blocks is the added value to the completely free LogicLab development environment.

Internet, cloud, IoT, Industry 4.0 are the words we hear most frequently today, and it is not a fad, but a need to give more flexibility and interoperability of plants. It is precisely to help customers that we have developed libraries dedicated to these specific needs.

FREE Functions or Function Blocks can be used without any time limit.

Pay-as-you-go Functions or Function Blocks can be used freely for a trial period (typically 30 minutes after system startup). These can be activated with MID or DID modes for continuous use.

If you do not know what MIDs and DIDs are, we encourage you to read this Knowledge.

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