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By Lorenzo Raftacco


APP HWg Monitor - Use in the local network

HWg Monitor is a mobile application for iOS and Android that works both locally and with technology portals SensDesk, displaying current sensor values, DI (digital inputs) and DO (relay outputs) status. In this article we want to show you how to use HWg Monitor in a local network scenario.

The HWg Monitor application allows the user to read values from sensors and detectors connected to a local device (in the same LAN) or using the Portal shows values from all devices connected to the defined Portal user account.

Schema - Mobile APP Topology

Sensors on the same LAN 

You can display DI/sensor values or control relay outputs on Poseidon2, Damocles2, STE2 series, HWg-PWR, WLD2, and others. The typical application is a wall-mounted tablet that displays all sensor values in the room. 

For each data source within the local network, the application displays sensor status using color codes: red for sensors in alarm, yellow for disconnected sensors, and white box for sensor in normal state. Users can set the polling frequency of the source in the settings or leave the default value of 1 minute.

Compatible HW group devices that can be used with the HWg Monitor application must be on the same network as the connected device, regardless of whether the device is connected via the Ethernet port or using Wi-Fi.

The Mobile App LAN connection can be used for all HW group devices except the Ares family products, NB xxx and SD xxx, as they require the Portal to be connected to the HWg Monitor Mobile App.

Output control

The HWg Monitor application can also remotely control the outputs of directly connected (LAN) Poseidon2 and Damocles2 devices.

Sensor Overview on Tablet



With HWg Monitor connected to the monitoring device via LAN (local), you can use a tablet as a display available to everyone. When you manually add or edit a source, there is also an option to enter the user name and password for the device.

Using HWg Monitor as a mobile application on the smartphone can retrieve data directly from the device, and widgets can be very useful. But for this use, it is more convenient to use the LTE connectivity of the cell phone as the data source and the portal based on the technology SensDesk.

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