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I/O exchange between two points

I receive a request similar to many others:

I would need to replicate 2 electrical contacts from one point to another, obviously there is no electrical connection between the 2 points. On one side is a tank of water with floats provided with 12 volt power supplied by a photovoltaic system. On the other at a distance of about 1 km is the pump room. Which solution do you propose?

The most flexible solution to solve the problem is to use our programmable systems SlimLine where we provide an example program for the application. In the simplest version, 2 compact CPU modules and 2 868MHz radiomodems can be used as shown in the image at the top of the article. For longer distances, it is possible to use the D5 radiomodems.

Since the SlimLine modules have an Ethernet connection for communication, it is possible to use a bridge in WiFi, for example, using a pair of NanoBeam. The advantages of WiFi communication are enormous compared to radio communication, allowing signals from cameras, VoIP communications, etc. to be transmitted in addition to I/O data...

But I have to plan...

Yes of course the SlimLine are programmable systems so you have to write a program, you use LogicLab a free development tool that allows you to develop using the 5 languages of IEC-61131. At manuale di programmazione you will find a list of all available functions and function blocks, for each of which there is an example of use; with a copy/paste you include it in your project.

If I don't want to program...

If you do not want to program, you can use the RTU radiomodem which in mirroring mode allows 2 digital I/O and 2 analog I/O (4-20mA) to be transferred bidirectionally between the two points. The radiomodem comes in two frequency ranges (169 and 868 MHz) and allows high communication distances to be reached, with directional antennas as much as a dozen km.

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