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By Lorenzo Raftacco


SlimLine - New counter/encoder and PWM features

Expanded counter/encoder and PWM functionality on systems SlimLine.

With the release of the SFW198E080/SFW210B030 firmware, Cortex M7 processor-based CPUs are now equipped with new counter/encoder and PWM features:

  • Added 3 counters for a total of 4 total (where inputs are present), use of more than two counters is license bound(see link).
  • Added management of 1 encoder in quadrature with signals A and B present on inputs Inp00 and Inp01, use is license-bound(see link).
  • Added management 1 PWM out on Pcb124*010 extension boards with firmware greater than or equal to Sfw196c000, use is license bound(see link).

The maximum frequency that can be acquired by counters/encoders is limited due to the opto-isolators used (see features on the product page).

The maximum manageable frequency on the PWM outputs on board CPU and I/O is limited due to the optomos used (see the features on the product page).

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