SlimLine - New environmentally friendly packaging


SlimLine - New environmentally friendly packaging

Defending the environment with new environmentally friendly packaging

We have changed the packaging of the SlimLine series PLCs . Devices in the series are now packaged in recyclable and biodegradable, all-carton, branded and more compactly sized boxes.

Benefits for Clients

  • Facilitated recycling
    Thanks to the use of a single material, sorting is easier.
  • Reduction in transportation cost
    The new environmentally friendly packaging used for the 22.5mm wide modules has a volume reduced by more than 35% compared to the previous ones, resulting in lower volumetric weight and savings in transportation cost.
  • Application of the seal label
    New green packaging is sealed with a seal label that must be broken to allow it to be opened. This allows us to avoid inspection (and associated charges) in case of return of wrongly ordered goods.

Benefits for the environment

  • Only material: recyclable and biodegradable cardboard
    Removed the plastic from the packaging, the polyethylene foam interior was replaced by a new cardboard interior, the same material used for the box.
  • Reduced dimensions
    Reducing the volume not only benefits the customer by reducing the cost of transportation, but also benefits the environment by allowing more products to be transported in the same means of transportation.