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By Lorenzo Raftacco


New version LogicLab

We have released the new version of LogicLab (based on LLab Axel Rel.

The new version implements important features that will facilitate the development of your applications and make the use of our PLCs even more convenient.

New functions

Listed below are the main new features available in the new version. For a complete list of implementations I recommend consulting the LogiLab Release Notes.

  • "Object-Oriented" Programming.
    The new version allows users to work with object-oriented programming by enhancing function blocks and treating them as classes (1)
  • Data types of date/time and duration (according to IEC61131-3)
    Comprehensive support for data types TIME, LTIME, DATE, LDATE, DATE_AND_TIME, LDATE_AND_TIME, TIME_OF_DAY, LTIME_OF_DAY according to IEC 61131-3 (1)
  • Variable reports and unused POUs
    Added XML report, with dedicated view, to keep track of all global variables and POUs (Program Organization Unit) unused of the project
  • New symbol browser window
    A new anchor window with quick search and navigation of all symbols in the project is now available.
  • Operators, standard blocks and target blocks in library view
    The "Operators and Blocks" window has been removed and its contents are now shown in the "Library tree", in two new folders, named "Operators and blocks" e "Target"
  • On-line help function
    If the PC in which LogicLab is installed is connected to the Internet, pressing F1 will automatically open the on-line help of our support site, otherwise the local help will work.

(1) The functionality must be supported by the implementation on the target device (PLC), so it is required that the latter has the updated firmware.

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