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Radiomodem serie D1


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This device allows a point-to-point (or point-to-multipoint) wireless connection between two or more RS232/485 devices, in completely transparent mode.

This is a similar to PMR446 RF device operating in the frequency range from 436 to 436,1 MHz, designed for telecontrol/telemetry applications and for the use of which the user must pay an yearly duty depending of each country.

The coverage is about 10-12 km outdoor line of sight. It’s possible to extend it, conforming to the standard, using a third device used as Digipeater or using a 3 elements Yagi antenna instead of the 1/4 lambda stylus.

The device is engineered into an anodized aluminium enclosure, suitable, through a special accessory, to DIN rail mounting.

The device is characterized by an extremely low power consumption and of a power saving mode that allow the use in battery powered and/or solar powered systems.

The configuration is made through a free software tool that runs in Windows™ environment.

The device is provided of a RS232 and RS485 interface and a screw terminal block to connect the power supply.

Optionally it is available an adapter to allow the DIN rail mounting (See figure).

To connect the module with the Netsyst controllers, we suggest to use our adapters and cables code CBL055*000 and CBL057**00.
To connect it to a PC we suggest to use the cable code CBL058*300.

Descrizione Listino (Sconto) Netto
D110-711E00 169MHz Radiomodem (Antenna e accessori NON inclusi) 369,00 (-20%) 295,20
D161-711E00 436MHz Radiomodem (Antenna NON inclusa) 369,00 (-20%) 295,20
Descrizione Listino (Sconto) Netto
Adattatore Modem DB9M/RJ45 16,75 (-20%) 13,40
Cavo estensione RJ45 8/8 non schermato (30cm) 6,00 (-20%) 4,80
Cavo estensione RJ45 8/8 non schermato (2m) 7,50 (-20%) 6,00
Cavo Modem RS232 9F/9M (1,8mt) 3,20 (-20%) 2,56
Cavo coassiale N-Maschio a BNC-Maschio 37,00 (-20%) 29,60
Antenna a spirale 140-175MHz 1/4Lambda (BNC-M) 35,00 (-20%) 28,00
Antenna dipolo 169MHz lambda mezzi 95,00 (-20%) 76,00
Antenna stilo 165-175MHz 1/4Lambda (TNC-M) 25,00 (-20%) 20,00
Adattatore TNC/F - BNC/M 25cm 21,60 (-20%) 17,28
Antenna da palo Yagi 3-elementi 155-175MHz (N-F) 192,00 (-20%) 153,60
Alimentatore 85-264 Vac/12Vdc 15W 1,25A TBL015-112 40,80 32,00
Tabella di selezione radiomodem ERE (Italiano)
Data sheet radiomodem RMO (Italiano)
Manuale utente radiomodem D1 (RMO) (Italiano)
Guida avvio rapido radiomodem D1 (RMO) (Italiano)
Programma configurazione radiomodem D1 (RMO) (Vers. 1.9)


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