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Toolly – Utility tools for Elsist controllers


Toolly is a Windows™ free utility set designed for use with SlimLine and Netlog  III series programmable controllers.

Toolly includes the following utilities:


Serial Terminal, TCP-IP(Client/Server) or UDP(Client/Server) (configurable).

Screen - Terminal


Through this utility you can redirect data from one device to another. Serial devices or TCP-IP (Client / Server) are supported.
It is possible for instance make accessible from the web a device with only one COM port.

Screen - Network Interfaces Infomations


Toolly includes an easy and intuitive loader compatible with SlimLine and Netsyst CPUs and extension modules.
The loader allows to upload directly into devices files in Intel Hex format through the PC COM port, greatly simplifying operations, if any firmware upgrades for devices that may become necessary.

Screen - Firmware Updater

Discoverer (from relase 3.1)

This utility can be very useful when trying to discover PLC devices connected on a network and to set their network settings without the use of serial ports. Now it’s also allowed to display the Nework Interfaces on PLCs.

Screen - Discoverer

Check-sum calculator

By this utility it is possible to calculate the check-sum in CRC16 and LRC ISO1155 formats of a string or an array of HEX values.

Screen - Checksum Calculator