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LogicLab is an IEC61131-3 integrated development environment capable of supporting the full range of languages ​​defined in the standard, completely free. The program can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button LogicLab at the bottom of this page, installed on your PC and used freely and without limit.

The tool can be installed on a PC in a Windows ™ environment (Version 7 or later).

Only maintenance is available LogicLab loader, a free tool in Windows ™ environment that allows the loading of a .ppjs or .rsm (Redistributable Source Module) project, generated by LogicLab, on the programmable controllers of the series SlimLine e Netsyst.
LogicLab Loader is particularly suitable for the management of systems by personnel not authorized to modify the programs.
In case the project has not been completed, the tool will fill out the form. If the project is set to load the sources on the target, it will load them.

In order to support the user in all activities involved in the development of an application, LogicLab include:

  • Text source code editor for programming languages ​​Instruction List (IL) and Structured Text (ST)
  • Graphic source code editor for programming languages ​​Contact diagram (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), and Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • A compiler, which translates applications written according to the IEC standard directly into machine code, avoiding the need for a run-time interpreter, thus making the execution of the program as fast as possible
  • A communication system that allows the download of the application on the target device
  • A rich set of debugging tools, ranging from an easy-to-use control window, to more powerful tools, which allow quick sampling of data directly on the target device, thus ensuring accurate and reliable information.

See the release notes of the product.

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Run-Time LogicLab per CPU SlimLine Raspberry 29,00 (-20%) 23,20 Net VAT excluded

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Telephone technical support / on-line Lite package (1 now) 55,00 Net VAT excluded