After more than 16 years of development, the Weintek development department has never stopped updating EasyBuilder, a powerful software that greatly simplifies the editing of the displayed project and supports more types of communication protocols: Ethernet / IP, Modbus TCP.
With EasyBuilder PRO users are sure to communicate with peripheral devices with ease, and complete their projects in the shortest possible time.

Screenshot - EasyBuilder 6
  1. The "Function Bar" is grouped by functions and simple icons facilitate its use.
  2. "Dynamic Project" consists of multi-function objects such as numeric objects, alarms, bars, timers and many others.
  3. The window bar displays all the names of the objects and addresses that the window contains.
  4. The main window simplifies the creation of functional objects and design the user interface.
  5. "Address Tag" can be assigned to the corresponding PLC to make it easier to read.
  6. The "Recipe" database provides sufficient and safe "Recipe" to make sure the data is intact and safe in all respects.
  7. "Label Tag" enables multi-language environment and supports up to 8 different languages ​​at the same time.
  8. Macros perform arithmetic operations, logic and string manipulations.
  9. Operations logs record all operations that are saved in a CSV file to track all changes.


Follow this video to learn the simple steps to create a new project: Setting > Design > Download

Start EasyBuilder Pro and set the system parameters

Select the type of PLC and set the communication parameters. The communication parameters can be set automatically according to the type of PLC selected.

Edit and compile the objects

After configuring the screen, create the files needed for downloading to the terminal. The package includes powerful objects.


use the Project Manager to quickly download project data to the device. After downloading, the operator terminal is activated automatically.