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Netsyst is a family of compact programmable controllers engineered in DIN 43880 containers, suitable for mounting on DIN rails. The products of this family are expandable through the I2C bus.

All the CPUs in this series are equipped with Ethernet connection, Integrated Web server, and I'm IoT ready.

Designed for home automation

Designed for home and public automation.

Feature - Designed for home automation

Case 9M Compact

Engineered in a case 9M DIN 43880, suitable for DIN rail mounting.

Feature - Compact design


Up to 7 extension modules can be connected to the I2C bus of the CPU, allowing up to 96 Digital Inputs, 64 Digital Outputs, 32 Analog inputs and 16 Analog outputs.

Feature - Expandable

Built-in screen and keypad

Available with "Display" option, equipped with an 6 keypad and an 2 * 16 LCD display.

Feature - Integrated display and keyboard

High resolution digital and analogue I / O

The CPU is equipped with 12 optoisolated digital inputs, 8 isolated digital outputs, 4 analogue inputs 0-10V (or RTD) at resolution of 16Bit and 2 analogue outputs 0-10V.

Feature - Digital and Analog I / O

Low consumption and extended temperature range

With 4,5W only and an operating temperature range from -20 a + 70 ° C, this device is suitable for critical applications regarding consumption and operating temperature.

Feature - Extended operating temperature

Integrated web server and IOT

The device is equipped with integrated web server capable of making configuration web pages and general information on the status of the system available, as well as web pages fully configurable by the user.

Feature - Netlog Web server + IoT

IEC61131-3 standard.

Programmable according to IEC61131-3 standard through LogicLab, a programming tool Free subscription.