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Our engineers can help you through internet, anywhere in the world you are, exactly as if they were sitting at your side!

The service allows:

  • To Chat on line
  • To undertake the control of your PC and work interactively
  • To Transfer files from/to your PC
  • To establish a VoIP audio/video connection
  • To report the activities executed.

The system works On-Demand, and is activated simply through a browser and an Internet connection. It allows you to establish an immediate connection between your PC and the PC of one of our engineers.

It’s extremely safe, thanks to the 256-bit AES encryption end-to-end used in the transmission of data.

Your privacy is guaranteed: Each remote control operation requires your authorization to proceed and you may decide which applications are enabled to the engineer that support you.

The possibility to establish an audio/video VoIP connection allows you to stay in contact with our operators for an unlimited time without telephone cost, listen the suggestions through the multimedia system of your PC, while working interactively.

The service is available in different modules:

  • Lite – Package of 1 hour of support (*)
  • Small – Package of 2 hours of support (*)
  • Medium – Package of 4 hours of support (*)

Alternatively, if you have not purchased any of these packages, billing will be at the end of the month.

(*) Technical support packages must be used within 1 year from purchase date.

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WARNING! For this service may be required a payment. Be sure to know your Customer code before the request