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IEC61131-3 Embedded Programmable Controllers

With our OEM cards you can build your own custom control system, reducing time to market and keeping costs down thanks to the wide variety of CPUs and I/O cards. Easy integration of custom made I/O cards through the I2C bus

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Scalable CPUs and I/Os range for your application

Icon - IEC61131-3 standard

IEC61131-3 standard

standardized programming language to simplify your application.

Icon - Web Server

Web server

Built-in web server for system monitoring and user-made web pages.

Icon - Customizable Web Pages

Custom Web Pages

You can create your own web pages.

Icon - IoT Ready

IoT Ready

REST and MQTT protocols allow to make your system IoT ready.

Icon - MID/DID Software protection

Software investment protection

  • The IEC61131-3 standard allows the easy migration of your application to other platforms
  • The MID (Manufacturer ID) and DID (Device ID) security system, secure your application from fraudulent copying

Designed for industry

Icon - Eco Low Power

Low Power

Suitable for power critical systems.

Icon - Wide Operating Temperature

Wide Temperature

Suited for critical environment applications.

Possibility of mount in different enclosures

You can choose the type of housing that best suits your needs and give a personalized look to your system.

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Unbranded Mounting kits

We provide the kits to mount our cards and a lot of accessories, you just have to make your labels and your own system is ready!

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