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Only the delivery terms stated by the Elsist in its Order Confirmation are valid. Possible delays in the delivery, in any case, don’t give the right to the Customer to obtain price reduction, delay in payment or other kind of compensation.

The goods are delivered “ex warehouse” of our Company. The liabilities and the freight risks are charged to Customer only, except the possible reimbursement by the Customer towards the forwarding agent. If the Customer refuses to collect the sales products, all the risks, the liabilities and the preservation burdens will be charged to the Customer only.

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Prices and Term of Payment

Prices are exclusive of taxes, impositions and other charges, including value added and similar taxes or charges imposed by government authority, shipping charges. Elsist has the right to modify the prices and the information relative to the products without prior notice.
The price list modifications doesn’t apply to the orders still confirmed by our Company.

The first order must be paid by Cash on delivery (were it applies), by Wire transfer in advance or by Credit Card/Paypal (e-commerce orders only).
Different payment conditions on the next orders may be agreed with our sale department, according to the volumes of purchases, for Italian companies only.
The non-observance of the payment conditions (in the order confirmation stated) causes the default, with the official discount rate of seven points increased, according to the Italian law. If you don’t observe the payment and the conditions terms, Elsist has the right to demand the invoices settlement (also for un expired invoices), to stop the supplies, to cancel the open contracts and to retry the payment conditions agreed. Elsist has also the right to claim the damages.
The payments are not valid if they are not made to Elsist directly.

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30 Days moneyback guarantee

In case of dissatisfaction, the Customer will have the possibility to return the product, within 30 days from the shipping date. He will be refunded of the spent amount except the cost for testing and repacking (minimum fee 30€ for each unit returned). Customers who want to take this advantage must simply return the whole product, “Delivered Duty Payd (DDP)” and in its original packing, indicating in the Delivery note “Returned for Refund” and indicating the reason of the dissatisfaction (see page Return of Merchandise).
This warranty covers all the products published on our web site for a maximum amount of 500€ (Five hundreds euros); software products and options (PCKxxx) are never covered by this guarantee. Larger amounts of returned goods must be previously agreed with our sales department.
This warranty doesn’t cover ordering errors and it’s never applied for products on offer or ordered upon Customer request.

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For every lawsuit that can arise in the interpretation and/or in the supply execution it will has the exclusive jurisdiction the law-court of Vercelli.

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The warranty duration is one year from the shipment date of the goods or, for our proprietary products, if indicated in the product data page, two years. It’s possible to have the repair under guarantee on condition that the returned products has not transformed, damaged or repaired without authorization and that has been installed in accordance with the directions of Elsist. No guarantee is applicable on the returned products without the original label with the code and the serial number of the article.

The products in repair must be returned “Delivered Duty Payd (DDP)” (see page Return of Merchandise) and with attached the RMA form. These products will be shipped back “Ex Works (EXW)”, with a special application form including the founded defects and the replaced materials. No other expense or direct or indirect damage, current or future, can be charged to Elsist. Possible shortages of the shipped products must be communicated by the Buyer within and not over five days from the delivery date.

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Minimum Order

No minimum order is required, however orders with a total amount less or equal to 50€ net will be charged of 10€ as order management fee.

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Sales return

The sales return, if they are not authorized and “Delivered Duty Payd (DDP)”, will be rejected. The sales return will be credit to the purchase price, with an expense reimbursement for the control and for the repackaging. Except the case of “30 Days Money back Guarantee” where applicable. The sales return of the product that are not in production any more, cannot be accepted.
We don’t accept returns of discontinued products or products shipped from more than four months.

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