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The code of every Elsist product has 10 characters with 6 different fields. They identify the product type, the part number, the release and other specific information that may have different meanings in relation of the product type.

Product encoding

Product type

The following list including the different product families and their description.

  • ADV – “Advertising”: advertising documentation
  • MNL – “Manuals”: all manuals
  • MPS – “Microprocessor systems”:  microprocessor products and systems
  • PCB – “Printed circuit boards”: electronic boards
  • PCK – “Packages”: hardware/software packages
  • PFB – “Functional blocks”: function blocks
  • PTP – “Tutorial programs”: tutorial programs
  • SFW – “Software products”: standard softwares and firmawares
  • SWM – “Software applicativi”: software applications

Sequential number

A three digits number reports the sequential number for any products in the same family type. Every new products has the progressive sequential number.


A letter shows the product release. The first version has the letter “A” and all following versions will take the successive letter in alphabetical order. To avoid continuous revisions in the documentation, the product version has usually the letter “A” or “*”. The supplied version of a certain product release follows the delivery of the product in a higher release. The upgrade maintains the function compatibility with the previous release.

4th, 5th, 6th field

These fields change their meaning in relation to the identified product. The specific product documentation including further information.

4th field: language

In the documents, in the programs and in the applications the fourth field specifies the language as in the table below:

  • 0 – Italian
  • 1 – English
  • 2 – Français
  • 3 – Español
  • 4 – Deutsch