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What do you mean by “Partners” of our Company ?

Partners of our Company are the System Integrators (Companies and/or individuals) able to provide solutions to the automation issues through the use of both hardware and software products manufactured and/or sold by our Company.

What are the benefits of becoming an Elsist partner ?

The partners of our Company can benefit from significant advantages including:

  1. Visibility on our web site, then potential contact by Customers looking for “turnkey solutions” (End Users)
  2. Direct addressing Customers by our sales office in the area looking for “turnkey solutions”
  3. Training and certification for using products
  4. Access to purchase under more favorable conditions (discounts, payments, deliveries)
  5. Direct and privileged contact with Elsist technicians
  6. Alongside in Customers visits if any

What is the procedure to become an Elsist partner ?

To become a Partner you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Defining the scope of products and the applications you are interested for
    The prospective partner should evaluate what products or product lines in which intends to support and field of application.
  2. Initial training
    Before being added to the partners list, the aspirant must, on the basis of the indications given in paragraph 1., participate to the initial training program, which will be established by mutual agreement with our Company.
  3. Initial product Kit
    Depending on the the indications referred in paragraph 1. a list of products will be prepared by common agreement with the partner that he should buy. The partner must commit to the reintegration of the parts that could possibly give for whatever reason to its Customers.
  4. Our site link
    If the partner has a web site (highly recommended) will put the link to our site on the web pages as more appropriate.

What are the obligations of the Partner ?

To maintain the relationship with Elsist the Partner need to:

  1. Keep a relationship of honesty and transparency both with the Final Customer and Elsist
  2. Participate in recurrent training programs organized by Elsist
  3. He agree not to compete with Elsist solutions

If you are interested to become a Partner, you may send an e-mail to [email protected] with your reference to be contacted.