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Costs of the system from € 79.
Designed and built entirely in Italy.

SlimLine is a family of modular programmable controllers (PLC) engineered in extremely compact containers and suitable for mounting on DIN rail EN60715. The family CPUs SlimLine they use powerful processors and are programmable according to the IEC61131-3 standard through LogicLab and / or CODESYS, both programming tools are completely free.
All the modules in the line share the expandability through bus I2C.

Animation - CPU SlimLine Raspberry
Photo - CPU SlimLine Raspeberry PI - Internal

Raspberry Line

Logo - Powerd by Raspberry PI

The latest addition to the central units of this family of programmable controllers (PLC). It is based on the powerful Raspberry PI 3 B + CPU which, with the Linux operating system, offers unparalleled performance in terms of user program size, execution speed and connection security.

Icon - LogicLab + Codesys

One product, 2 IEC61131-3 development environments

The PLC can be programmed, in accordance with the IEC61131-3 standard, through 2 development environments: LogicLab and Codesys.

Icon - Programming language

More programming languages

Programmable not only in IEC61131-3, but also in Python, C, etc.

Icon - Rasbian

Linux operating system

Entirely based on Raspbian operating system.

Icon - Security


Support for TSL and HTTPS protocols

Logo - Node-RED


NodeJS and Node RED available

Logo - Apache PHP

Webserver and php

Apache and PHP websever already installed.

Logo - mikroBUS

MikroBUS ™ cards

The system is prepared for mounting MikroElektronika doo mikroBUS ™ boards

Icon - Wireless connection

Wireless connectivity

Equipped with Wifi and Bluetooth

Photo - SlimLine LogicLab Cortex M7 CPU (4)

ARM line

CPU based systems Cortex M7 or ARM7, equipped with proprietary SO. All the products are characterized by a very low energy consumption and extended temperature range, therefore suitable for use in critical applications.

Icon - ECO

Low consumption

Powered by 10 to 30Vdc with a consumption of only 1W, these devices are suitable for use in critical applications from an energy point of view.

Icon - Web Oriented

Web Oriented

Integrated Web server for system monitoring e web pages that can be constructed by the user.

Icon - Extended temperature range

Extended operating temperature

With an operating temperature range from -20 to + 70 ° C, these devices are suitable for use in applications in environments that are critical from an environmental point of view.

Feature - Slim Modular

Modular and thin

Engineered in ultra-compact container in UL94 V-0 self-extinguishing PC / ABS, suitable for DIN rail mounting according to DIN ENEN60715 standard.

Expandable systems with up to 16 I / O modules, for up to 772 digital I / O.

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Icon - Functions / Function Blocks

Functions and function blocks for different purposes.

There are countless pre-packaged Functions and Function Blocks available for solving various automation problems.
Most of these functions are available for free and some are available with the license formula Run Time and protected.

Go to the function list / Function blocks

Safe Software Investment!

Icon - MID / DID protection

Protect your application from fraudulent copy.

On the whole line SlimLine MID (Manufacturer ID) and DID (Device ID) protections can be implemented to protect your program from fraudulent copying.

Logo - LogiLab + CodeSys

Programmable according to IEC61131-3.

With the use of tools LogicLab o CODESYS, both completely free.
The IEC61131-3 represents the first real attempt to standardize the programming languages ​​used in the field of industrial automation.
The standard has a worldwide spread and is independent of system builders.
The languages ​​consist of two text versions and three graphic versions:

Textual: IL (Instructions List), ST (Structured Text)
graphics: LD (Contact language), FBD (Block chart for operations), SFC (Flow for sequence management)