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LogicLab allows the inclusion of an unlimited number of libraries in the project. We have created them for various uses, ready for you, many of which are completely free.

What are libraries?

Libraries are sets of Functions (F) and Function Blocks (FB) both dedicated and specific purposes.

These objects are very useful in solving problems facing us when creating applications. During the development of the program it is very convenient, fast and reliable to use the Function or the dedicated Function Block reducing risks of non-functionality.

The availability of libraries with a large number of functions and function blocks constitutes the added value to the development environment LogicLab completely free.

Internet, cloud, IoT, Industry 4.0 are the words that today are more frequently used, and it is not a fashion, but a need to give greater flexibility and interoperability of the plants. Just to help customers we have developed libraries dedicated to these specific needs.

FREE Functions or Function Blocks they can be used without any time limit.

Functions or function blocks to PAYMENT they can be used freely for a trial period (usually 30 minutes from system startup). These can be activated with the MID or DID modes for continuous use.

If you don't know what MID and DID are, please read this Knowledge.

Use Functions (F) and Function Blocks (FB)

Identified from the table the object concerned, from the download link the library in which the object is contained. From the development environment LogicLab only the object or the entire library will be imported into the project.

See the Knowledge.

Activate Paid Functions (F) and Function Blocks (FB)

After making the purchase, in case of activation DID you will need to generate an activation key from the "Activation keys”By entering the product code and the serial number of your device.

In case you have chosen an activation MID the activation key is generated by Elsist and you can simply go to the "Activation keys"Where you will find the key to use.

Generated the activation key will be copied and inserted in the product (using the web page) or in the program using the "SysPCodeAccept".

Functions and function blocks available

Functions and function blocks

IDTypeFull NameDescriptionlibraryDownload / Buy
9920SysGetLastErrorReturns last error number from a function and / or an FBXTarget_07_0
9921SysGetRandomReturn random number between 0.0 and 1.0XTarget_07_0
9922SysGetSysTimeReturn system time expressed in μSXTarget_07_0
9924SysOSIDValueReading / writing of operating system variablesXTarget_12_0
9925SysMemFindLook for a memory area inside another oneXTarget_12_0
9926SysStrFindSearch for a substring within a stringXTarget_12_0
9927SysstrlenCalculate the length of a stringXTarget_12_0
9928SystoupperConvert a character to uppercaseXTarget_12_0
9929SystolowerConvert a character to lower caseXTarget_12_0
9930SysmemmoveCopy an area of ​​memory within anotherXTarget_12_0
9931SysmemsetFill an area of ​​memory with a dataXTarget_12_0
9932SysLWVarsnprintfHangs a string, the string formatted with the value of a variableXTarget_12_0
9933SysRMAllocDynamically allocates memory in the area that can be relocated by the operating systemXTarget_12_0
9934SysRMFreeDisallow memory previously allocated by SysRMAllocXTarget_12_0
9935SysGetEndiannessThe type of endianness of the system returnsXTarget_12_0
9936SysGetUTCDateTimeReturn Epoch time with system date / time (UTC)XTarget_12_0
9937SysSetUTCDateTimeSet the system date / time (UTC) in Epoch timeXTarget_12_0
9938SysGetCheckCalculates the control pattern of a memory areaXTarget_12_0
9939SysFIsOpenCheck to see if a communication stream is openXTarget_12_0
9940SysTimeZoneAdjReturn Epoch time with system date / time (Local)XTarget_12_0
9941SysTCPClientManages TCP / IP communication in client modeXTarget_12_0
9942SysTCPServerManages TCP / IP communication in server modeXTarget_12_0
9943SysUDPClientManages communication in UDP in client modeXTarget_12_0
9944SysUDPServerManages communication in UDP in server modeXTarget_12_0
9945SysGetIpInfosReturns information about the defined connectionXTarget_12_0
9946SysSerialPortIt manages the communication on the defined serial portXTarget_12_0
9947SysMAllocDynamically allocate memoryXTarget_07_0
9948SysSetTaskLpTimeSet execution time of PLC tasksXTarget_07_0
9950SysSpyDataSend data to the espionage consoleXTarget_11_0
9951SysSetPWMOutSet parameters on the output PWM generatorXTarget_07_0
9952SysDirListingReturn list of all files contained in a directoryXTarget_10_0
9953SysI2CWrRdPerforms writing / reading on the extension I2C busXTarget_07_0
9954SysCANTxMsgIt transmits a CAN messageXTarget_07_0
9955SysCANRxMsgReceives a CAN messageXTarget_07_0
9956SysIsCANRxTxAvChecks whether messages in Rx buffer and Tx buffer space on CAN interfaceXTarget_07_0
9957SysCANSetModeSet CAN communication interface parametersXTarget_07_0
9958SysfseekSet position indicator of the indicated fileXTarget_07_0
9959SysfilelengthReturns length in bytes of the indicated fileXTarget_07_0
9960SysrenameRename the indicated fileXTarget_07_0
9961SysremoveDelete the indicated file from diskXTarget_07_0
9962SysFOBfFlushForce character output from the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9963SysFOBfClearDelete the characters that are output from the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9964SysFIBfClearDelete the input characters from the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9965SysFGetOBfSizeReturns the output buffer size of the communication streamXTarget_12_0
9966SysFGetIBfSizeReturn input buffer size of communication streamsXTarget_12_0
9967SysFGetOSpaceReturns available space in output buffer communication streamsXTarget_12_0
9968SysFGetICharsReturns the number of characters received from the communication streamXTarget_12_0
9969SysfwriteWriting strings on the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9970SysfreadReading strings from the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9971SysfputcWriting character on the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9972SysfgetcReading characters from the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9973SysfcloseClosing the communication streamXTarget_07_0
9974SysIPReachRun check if IP address is reachable (Ping)XTarget_07_0
9975SysUDPSktRcvData reception with UDP protocol (See SysUDPServer)XTarget_12_0
9976SysUDPSktSendData transmission with UDP protocol 8Vedi SysUDPClient)XTarget_12_0
9977SysSktListenForce a listening TCP socket (See SysTCPServer)XTarget_12_0
9978SysGetCrcPerforms CRC calculation on a memory area (See SysGetCheck)XTarget_12_0
9979SysDMXMngDMX protocol management on serial portXTarget_07_0
9980SysGetEncoderReading a quadrature encoder channelXTarget_07_0
9981SysGetCounterReading a fast counterXTarget_07_0
9982SysSetAnOutSet analog value on output moduleXTarget_07_0
9983SysGetAnInpAcquisition of analog value from input moduleXTarget_07_0
9984SysSetPhrDOSetting digital outputs on output moduleXTarget_07_0
9985SysGetPhrDIAcquisition of digital inputs from the input moduleXTarget_07_0
9986SysETimeToDateEpoch time conversion to date / timeXTarget_07_0
9987SysDateToETimeDate / time conversion in Epoch timeXTarget_07_0
9988SysPhrVWrWriting a variable on extension formXTarget_07_0
9989SysPhrVRdReading a variable from extension moduleXTarget_07_0
9990SysPhrInfosAcquisition of information from extension formXTarget_07_0
9991SysPCodeAcceptDefinition of unlock code for functions / function blocksXTarget_07_0
9992SysSetSerialDTRSet DTR signal status on the serial portXTarget_07_0
9993SysGetSerialCTSReturns the state of the CTS signal of the serial portXTarget_07_0
9994SysSetSerialModeSet communication mode on serial portXTarget_07_0
9995SysGetSerialModeReturn communication mode set to serial portXTarget_07_0
9996SysfopenOpening and connection of a resource on communication streamsXTarget_07_0
9997SysVarsnprintfReturns formatted string of the value of a variableXTarget_07_0
9998SysVarfprintfPerforms formatted printing of the value of a variableXTarget_07_0
9999SysVarsscanfExtracts a variable's value from a stringXTarget_07_0
10000MDBRTUMASTERManages Modbus RTU protocol in master mode (See ModbusMaster)eLLabObsoleteLib
10001CPUModuleIOManages digital I / O on the CPU moduleeLLabObsoleteLib
10002ModemCore_v5Manages a modem connected to the communication streameLLabModemLib
10003ModemSMSReceive_v1Receive SMS messages (Depends on ModemCore)eLLabModemLib
10004ModemSMSRxCmd_v1Manages commands on receiving SMS messages (Depends on ModemCore)eLLabModemLib
10005ModemSMSSend_v2Performs sending an SMS message (Depends on ModemCore)eLLabModemLib
10006SetSModeSet communication mode on serial port (See SysSerialPort)eLLabObsoleteLib
10007ModbusMasterIt manages Modbus protocol (Ascii, RTU, TCP) in master modeeLLabUtyLib
10008OwireMngManage Serial / One-Wire converter (See OWireCore)eLLabObsoleteLib
10009sOWRdIdentifierRead One-Wire Device Identification Code (Depends on OWireCore)eLLab1WireLib
10010OWRdTemperatureDS18B20 One-Wire Temperature Sensor Acquisition (Depends on OWireCore)eLLab1WireLib
10011IODataExchangeTransfer memory block between two systems with logical I / O connectioneLLabUtyLib
10012PIDMng_v1Performs PID adjustmenteLLabUtyLib
10013STESnmpAcqPerforms data acquisition from STE device via SNMPeHwGSpLib
10014UDPDataTxferTransfer memory block between two systems connected via UDPeLLabNetworkLib
10015OWRdHumidityAcquisition of temperature and humidity value by 1-Wire sensoreLLabObsoleteLib
10016IEC62056_21RdReading registers from metering systems with IEC62056-21 protocoleLLabUtyLib
10017NMEASInterface_v1Acquisition of NMEA sentences from communication streamseLLabNMEALib
10018GLLSentenceInterpret NMEA sentence GLL geographic position (Depends on NMEASInterface)eLLabNMEALib
10019ModbusRTUSlaveManages Modbus RTU protocol in slave mode (See ModbusSlave_v1)eLLabObsoleteLib
10020MWVSentenceInterpret NMEA sentence MWV wind speed and angle (Depends on NMEASInterface)eLLabNMEALib
10030AuroraDSPMeasure_v1Acquisition of measurements from the DSP inverter Aurora Power OneeLLabPowerOneLib
10031AuroraCEnergy_v1Acquisition of energy generated by Aurora inverter of Power OneeLLabPowerOneLib
10032sHWgSProtocolAcquisition of HW group devices with RS485 serial proprietary protocoleHwGSpLib
10033ModbusAsciiSlaveManages the Modbus ascii protocol in slave mode (See ModbusSlave_v1)eLLabObsoleteLib
10034SysLogReportSend notification messages to a Syslog servereLLabLogLib
10035StringToLogFile_v1Writing log string to fileeLLabLogLib
10036FileMemoryDumpDump of a memory area on fileeLLabLogLib
10037ModemPhoneCall_v1Make a phone call, ring the phone (Depends on ModemCore)eLLabModemLib
10038ModbusSlave_v1It manages Modbus protocol (Ascii, RTU, TCP) in slave modeeLLabUtyLib
10039HIDClkDtaReaderAcquisition of RFID reader (HID clock and data) on 2 logic inputseLLabUtyLib
10040MMasterDataTxferInterface with streams for multimaster communicationeMMasterDTxferLib
10041DataTxferClientExchanging memory area with other system (Depends on MMasterDataTxfer)eMMasterDTxferLib
10042ModemHTTPGetPerforms HTTP request with GET parameters via modem (Depends on ModemCore)eLLabModemLib
10044BroadcastDataSendSending the storage area to broadcast (Depends on MMasterDataTxfer)eMMasterDTxferLib
10045StrainGaugeAcqStrain gauge acquisition from analog input cardeLLabUtyLib
10046HMIBuiltInMessagesManagement of HMI messages defined by LogicLabeLLabHMIBuiltInLib
10047HMIBuiltInNetlogTerminal management (Display and keyboard) integrated in the system NetlogIIIeLLabHMIBuiltInLib
10048DataStreamExch_v1Data exchange between two communication streamseLLabNetworkLib
10049HMIPicofaceTerminal management (Display and keyboard) PicofaceeLLabHMIBuiltInLib
10050ccTalkProtocolManagement of ccTalk protocol on serial porteCCTalkProtoLib
10051AlbericiAL66Acceptance management of Alberici model AL66V coins (Depends on ccTalkProtocoleCCTalkProtoLib
10052SNTPRequestReading Epoch time in UTC from time NTP servereLLabNetworkLib
10053ModbusTCPGateway_v1Modbus TCP-Modbus RTU gatewayeLLabNetworkLib
10054HTTPClientPerforms web page request with HTTP protocoleLLabHTTPLib
10055DNSRequestSend DNS request by returning URL address of the URLeLLabNetworkLib
10056FIFOFile_v1FIFO register management on fileeLLabLogLib
10057RESTClientConnection with REST server with HTTP protocoleLLabRESTSvcLib
10059SNMPAgentManages SNMP protocol in "Agent" modeeLLabSNMPLib
10060SNMPManagerManages SNMP protocol in "Manager" modeeLLabSNMPLib
10061TCPDataExchServerExchange memory area with another system in TCP (Server)eLLabDataExchLib
10062TCPDataExchClientExchange memory area with another system in TCP (Server)eLLabDataExchLib
10063FTPClient_v1Manage connection to an FTP servereLLabNetworkLib
10064ModbusMsCoreManages ModbusMaster protocol for multi-device communicationeLLabMdbDevsLib
10065EastronSDM120_v1Reading variables from Eastron SDM120 energy analyzer (Depends on ModbusMsCore)eLLabMdbDevsLib
10066EastronSDM630_v1Reading variables from Eastron SDM630 energy analyzer (Depends on ModbusMsCore)eLLabMdbDevsLib
10067MQTTClientConnection to MQTT server, manages "Publish" and "Subscribe"eLLabNetworkLib
10068Wiegand26DcdDecode Wiegand code to 26 bitseLLabUtyLib
10069ModbusConversionProtocol conversion between Modbus Ascii and RTUeLLabUtyLib
10070SAModbusCmdModbus command management in multidevice (Depends on ModbusMsCore)eLLabMdbDevsLib
10071F_TRIGTrigger on descent fronteLLabStdLib
10072R_TRIGTrigger on rising edgeeLLabStdLib
10073RSReset / Set flip flopeLLabStdLib
10074SRSet / Reset flip flopeLLabStdLib
10075eTOFTimer with deactivation timingeLLabStdLib
10076EtonTimer with activation timingeLLabStdLib
10077ETPPulse duration timer on activation fronteLLabStdLib
10078CTDCounter in decreaseeLLabStdLib
10079CTUCounter increasingeLLabStdLib
10081EMailSendPerforms sending an eMail (Non-SSL)eLLabNetworkLib
10082CLIManagerManages a command line interface of a deviceeLLabUtyLib
10083PushSaferSending notification via the Pushsafer serviceeLLabNetworkLib
10084DewPointCalculatorPerforms the calculation of the dew point temperatureeLLabUtyLib
10085HTTPServerHTTP server managementeLLabHTTPLib
10086VBitTestTest bit status in variableeLLabUtyLib
10087VBitSetSet bit status in variableeLLabUtyLib
10088BitToByteConverts 8 BOOL variables to BYTE variableeLLabUtyLib
10089ByteToBitConverts BYTE variable to 8 BOOL variableseLLabUtyLib
10090ByteToWordConverts 2 BYTE variables into WORD variableseLLabUtyLib
10091WordToByteConverts WORD variable to 2 BYTE variableseLLabUtyLib
10092DoubleToWordConvert DWORD variable to 2 WORD variableseLLabUtyLib
10093WordToDoubleConverts 2 WORD variables to DWORD variableeLLabUtyLib
10094LEArrayToVarConvert little endian array (MSB-LSB) to variableeLLabUtyLib
10095BEArrayToVarConvert big endian arrays (LSB-MSB) to variableeLLabUtyLib
10096VarToLEArrayConvert variable to little endian array (MSB-LSB)eLLabUtyLib
10097VarToBEArrayConvert variable to big endian array (LSB-MSB)eLLabUtyLib
10098VarSwapPerforms LSB swap<->MSB of the value of a variableeLLabUtyLib
10099IEE754DoubleToFloatConvert REAL from IEE754 (64 bits) format to IEE754 format (32 bits)eLLabUtyLib
10100BLINKFlashing with definable cycle timeseLLabUtyLib
10101BlinkValueFlashing with definable number of flasheseLLabUtyLib
10102OnOffCycle_v1Flashing with random cycle timeseLLabUtyLib
10103PWMOUTPWM software, usable on any BOOL variableeLLabUtyLib
10104IOEncoderSoftware encoder quadrature, usable on any BOOL variableeLLabUtyLib
10105GetISO1155CrcCalculate CRC on memory area according to ISO 1155 specificationseLLabUtyLib
10106AverageIt averages the value of a REAL variableeLLabUtyLib
10107lINEARIZEPerforms the linearization of a valueeLLabUtyLib
10108ValueScalePerforms the scaling of a valueeLLabUtyLib
10109GetPolynomialCRCCalculate CRC on memory area according to CCITT specificationseLLabUtyLib
10110LRampPerforms linear ramp on the input valueeLLabUtyLib
10111VaPotentiometerCalculation in Ohms of a potentiometer with voltage on cursoreLLabUtyLib
10112ResistorValueCalculation in Ohms of a voltage resistance on the dividereLLabUtyLib
10113BufferModifiedCheck for variation in the contents of a memory buffereLLabUtyLib
10114JSONEncodeEncodes a variable in a JSON objecteLLabHTTPLib
10115JSONDecodeReturns variable value from a JSON objecteLLabHTTPLib
10116MCReaderAcquisition of 2 and 3 tracks from a magnetic card reader connected to 2 logical inputseLLabDevicesLib
10118DB100AddOffsetReturns the memory area address allocated in DB100eLLabObsoleteLib
10119MBTHLThermostatSetecna MB-THL thermostat managementeLLabMdbDevsLib
10120SensitSTHC102Sensit STHC 102 sensor acquisitioneLLabMdbDevsLib
10121ACModbusModbus command array managementeLLabMdbDevsLib
10122I2CBusManagerI2C bus managementeLLabI2CDevsLib