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Unifi is a revolutionary WiFi system that combines high performance, unlimited scalability, aggressive pricing, and a virtual management controller.

The Unifi WiFi System is a scalable Access Point business solution designed to be easily implemented and managed.
The access point has an elegant design and can easily be mounted on a ceiling or wall panel, using the included mounting hardware. It is powered via a PoE adapter (included) in order to use a single data and power cable.
The corporate WiFi system includes the Unifi Controller software, which can be set up on any PC within the network and easily accessible through any standard web browser.
Using the Unifi control software, a Wi-Fi business network can be immediately configured and administered without the need for any specific training. The real-time status, automatic recognition of the Unifi device, map loading, and advanced security options are all perfectly integrated.

For the configuration of the device, see this link relative, for more information on Ubiquiti products visit: www.ubnt.com.

Description Price List (Discount) Net
UniFi Access Point (Includes PoE power supply and mounting accessories) 82,00 56,00 Net VAT excluded

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UniFi Access Point PRO (Includes PoE 48V power supply and mounting accessories) 294,00 200,00 Net VAT excluded

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Description Price List (Discount) Net
ToughSwitch PoE (5 ports) (Includes external power supply) 122,00 (-20%) 97,60 Net VAT excluded

1 available

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1 PDF Data sheet UniFi Access Point

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1 PDF Quick Start Guide UniFi Access Point
2 PDF User manual UniFi Access Point
3 PDF Quick Start Guide UniFi-PRO Access Point
4 PDF User Guide UniFi-PRO Access Point

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1 ZIP AirOS firmware for UniFi (Vers. 5.3.7782)


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