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Delivery and return times

Orders placed within 11 hours through the ecommerce website, they are normally delivered, by express courier, by the next day throughout Italy (1) (2).

Shipments within the EU are managed by express courier and are usually delivered in 48 hours (1).

In case of impossibility of shipment within the times indicated, an order confirmation will be issued indicating the estimated delivery times. Any delays in deliveries will not, in any case, give the Buyer the right to obtain price reductions, payment extensions or any kind of compensation.

Goods destined for Italy refers to returns CIP(3) (Carriage and Insurance paid to) with the cost of transport and insurance charged on the invoice.

Goods destined abroad (EU and ExtraEU) are intended as returns CPT(3) (Carriage Paid To) with the cost of transport charged on the invoice. The responsibilities and risks of transport in this case are therefore the sole responsibility of the Customer, without prejudice to any possible compensation of the same towards the carrier / shipper.

In the event that the Customer refuses to collect the products subject to the sale, all risks, responsibilities and charges for their preservation will be borne exclusively.


(1) For stock products and payment by Credit Card, PayPal, cash on delivery or Elsist account
(2) Excluding Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia for which an additional day is required
(3) According to INCOTERMS 2010

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Prices and terms of payment

The prices shown in the order confirmation are net of taxes, duties, transport costs and any other charges. Elsist reserves the right to change prices and information relating to the products on display, without prior notice.
Any changes in the price lists will not affect orders already confirmed by Elsist.

The first orders are always processed with payment by bank transfer, cash on delivery, credit card or Paypal (only for e-commerce orders).
There are no additional charges for cash on delivery payments or for those by credit card or Paypal.

The maximum value of orders payable by credit card is limited to € 1500.
The maximum value of orders payable on delivery is limited to € 3000.

In case of continuous commercial relations, is only for customers in the Italy area, deferred payments can be agreed (only by Ri.Ba.) with our sales department, subject to verification of the case and in accordance with the purchase volumes. In the case of deferment of payment, it should however be remembered that the same discount conditions that can be obtained for orders with non-deferred payments can not be applied.
The minimum order amount to get the deferred payment is € 100 (net of VAT and ancillary costs).

Please note that failure to comply with the payment conditions (reported in our order confirmation and in all tax documents) causes the automatic formal notice, at the official rate of reference (ex TUS), increased by seven points, as required by Art. 5, paragraph 2 DLGS 9 October 2002, n. 231, plus any reimbursement of legal expenses.
In case of non-compliance with the terms and conditions of payment, Elsist also reserves the right to demand the balance of invoices even if not expired, to suspend deliveries and to terminate existing contracts and / or renegotiate the conditions. It will also be our right to request compensation for damages incurred.

Conditions necessary to obtain payment extension:

  • At least 4 orders in the arc of 6 months of a single amount not less than € 250 (net of VAT and incidental expenses),
  • Positive verification on commercial information (requires at least 1 week).

Conditions for maintaining the conditions acquired:

  • At least 1 order in the arc of 1 year amount not less than € 250 (net of VAT and incidental expenses),
  • Positive checks of subsequent commercial information,
  • No unresolved.
Icon - Satisfied or reimbursed

"Satisfied or reimbursed" formula - Withdrawals

Clients Business (with VAT number)

In case of dissatisfaction, the Customer will have the right to return the purchased product, no later than 30 days from the date of shipment. He will receive the reimbursement of the amount spent without prejudice to any charges for reconditioning and reimbursement (minimum amount € 30 charges for each returned code), within 30days from the date of receipt of the returned material.
Anyone intending to make use of this faculty must request a return authorization (see page Return of materials) and, after receiving the authorization, return the product to free port, intact and in its original packaging, indicating, in the reason for the transport document "Returned by crediting" and citing the reason for the dissatisfaction.
This warranty is applicable to all products published on the site e up to the maximum amount of € 500 (Five hundred euro); software products and options installed on standard products (PCKxxx) they are never covered by this guarantee. Any returns of products for higher amounts must be agreed in advance with our sales department.
This warranty does not cover ordering errors and it is never applicable to the products on offer and to the products ordered on specific request of the Customer.

Clients Consumer (without VAT number)

Customers Consumer will have the right to make the purchased products obtaining the total reimbursement (1) within 14 days from the date of purchase. The withdrawal option must be exercised in the same way as for the Customers Business described above (see page Return of materials) indicating the reason for the return as "returned by crediting". He will receive a full refund of the amount spent within 14 days from receipt of the returned material.


(1) According to article 59 of the Consumer Code, there is no right of withdrawal for:

  • the provision of services, in the event that such services have already been provided,
  • the supply of goods constructed or procured specifically for the Client or clearly personalized,
  • the provision of sealed computer software that has been opened after delivery, or of software licenses if already activated.
Icon - Controversies


For any dispute concerning the interpretation and / or execution of the supply, the Court of Vercelli will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Icon - Guarantee


Starting from July 2019 we have extended the warranty on most Elsist brand products from 2 years a 3 or 5 years depending on the product, with the sole exception of OEM products for which the warranty terms remained unchanged at 2 years.

Products with extended warranty (3 or 5 years) are marked on their respective pages with icons:

Icon - 2 Year Warranty
Icon - 3 years warranty
Icon - 5 years warranty

Where not indicated the duration of the warranty period is one year from the date of delivery of the goods.

Warranty repair is provided on condition that the returned products have not been subjected to unauthorized transformations, tampering and / or repairs and have been installed, in accordance with the instructions provided by the Manufacturer.
No warranty applies to products without the original label, bearing the code and the serial number of the article.
The products being repaired must be returned to free port (DDP), with attachment il return authorization form reporting the RMA number assigned by Elsist (see page Return of materials), and will be returned in "free port" throughout Italy. Each repaired product of our production is supplied with an attached card showing the significant data of the work performed.
No other expense or damage (direct or indirect, present or future) may be charged to the Supplier.
Any shortages of the products shipped must be notified by the buyer no later than five days from the date of delivery.

Icon - Order Management

Minimum order

No minimum order is required, but orders of less than or equal to 50 € net will be charged 10 € for order processing.

Icon - Returns


Returns for any reason, if they are not authorized and in "Free port" (DDP(1)), will be rejected. Requests for returns must be made through the appropriate procedure available in This Page.

In case of return for repair / overhaul

Products returned for repair / revision are examined every week on Monday. Where possible, the repair is carried out in our laboratories, otherwise, in the case of third-party products, the products are shipped to the laboratories of the respective manufacturers.
Each product of our production is repaired, with a card containing the significant data of the work performed.

  • In case of warranty repair / replacement, the products will be returned to the sender CIP(1) (Carriage and Insurance paid to) with the cost of transport at our expense throughout Italy.
  • In case of repair / replacement out of warranty (or not covered by warranty), the final balance will be issued for the work carried out and, upon confirmation by the Customer, the material will be returned CIP(1) (Carriage and Insurance paid to) if intended for Italy or CPT(1) (Carriage Paid To) if destined abroad with transport cost (and possible insurance) debited on the invoice.

Products with a list price lower than € 30 are never repaired.

In case of return of goods for re-credit

Returns of products for "re-credit" must be always previously authorized and must be carried out no later than 30 days from the date of shipment.
In this case, the Customer will receive a refund of the amount spent without prejudice to the charges for reconditioning (typically € 30,00 for each returned code), within 30days from the date of receipt of the returned material.
Who intends to make use of this faculty must make the product free port, intact and in its original packaging, indicating, in the reason for the transport document "Return for crediting". The amount maximum reimbursement is € 500 (Five hundred euro).
The following products are never refundable:

  • software products,
  • the options installed on standard products (PCKxxx, MIDxxx, DIDxxx),
  • the products on offer,
  • obsolete or discontinued products.


(1) According to INCOTERMS 2010