The code of each Elsist product consists of 10 characters. They (grouped in 6 different fields) identify the type of product itself, the progressive number of production, the version and other specific information relating to each of them.

Product type

The following table shows the various product families and their description.

  • ADV - "Advertising": advertising documentation
  • MNL - "Manuals": manuals
  • MPS - "Microprocessor systems": microprocessor products and systems
  • PCB - "Printed circuit boards": electronic boards
  • PCK - "Package": hardware / software, complementary to the line
  • PFB - "Functional blocks": functional blocks
  • PTP - "Tutorial programs": demonstration programs
  • SFW - "Software products": basic programs and firmware
  • SWM - "Application software": software realizations


The "progressive" number identifies the corresponding project number. It progressively increases "with the creation of a new product, related to the same family.


The "version" is indicated by a letter of the alphabet, which varies with each subsequent update to which the product is subjected. The documentation of the products (with the exception of cases where this is expressly requested), does not provide for the indication of a value for this field. Instead, you can find the "*" character. This replacement is carried out only in cases where the version is not relevant for the purposes of the documentation itself.
It is specified that the delivered version of a requested product could be the one corresponding to a higher level, following a successful update of the product itself. This version variation does not necessarily imply compatibility.

4 °, 5 °, 6 ° field

The last three fields have different meanings, depending on the product they identify. The specific product documentation shows, in detail, further information.

4 ° field: language

In documents, programs and applications, the fourth field indicates the language in which the text is written, as shown in the table:

  • 0 - Italian
  • 1 - English
  • 2 - French
  • 3 - Spanish
  • 4 - German