Sensit Ltd. is a Czech company dealing in development, production and sales of temperature resistance devices and termocouples since 1991. The Company was established as a group of former developers and technicians of the Tesla Rožnov company in Rožnov in 1991. This group has been transformed into Sensit – Holding Ltd. in 1995 and its name has been shortened to Sensit Ltd. in 2006. Sensit Ltd. is still keeping all manufacturing and business activities of previous subjects.

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  • Schema - Connections TR16x Photo - Cabled temperature sensors TR160-162
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  • Schema - Dimensions STI-STID Photo - Temperature to current converters STI and STID
  • Schema - Connections ST485 Photo - Temperature to RS485 converters ST485x
  • Photo - STHC10x Temperature, Humidity CO2 Sensor Photo - STHC10x Temperature, Humidity CO2 Sensor
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  • Schema - Connections PTSV110 Photo - Temperature+Humidity sensor 4-20mA

    Temperature+Humidity sensor 4-20mA

    309,00 (-20%) 247,20